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Your name is IMPORTANT, and you are currently trying to pen a brilliant HOMESTUCK FANFICTION. Unfortunately, you have hit A REALLY FUCKING BIG BRICK WALL, and need a little bit of help.
does every fansession HAVE to have a mutant or HAVE to have 12 trolls? because i'm afraid of making a mutant blood and if i need 12 trolls, i'll have to put 2 trolls with the same blood caste.

nope, in fact the inclusion of 12 people in the trolls’ session apparently made things very difficult for them, and mutantbloods are by no means required for a session to be successful!! Sburb doesn’t care about blood caste

Do you think it would be possible to have a session with both trolls and humans?

I don’t see any reason why not!! technically the only requirements for a session to be successful is for there to be a Space player, a Time player, and a knight - there’s no rule stating that all the players have to be the same species

How far are you into your fic?

(Not really sure who this is addressed to, so I’ll answer and the other mods can add their own comments as they please! I’m pretty sure Lizzie has a fic going, but I’m not sure about Crista… I know she’s doing artwork commissions, though! )

I’m about 114k words into mine! But progress has slowed down in the past couple of months because of school and my new job. I’m hoping things will pick back up once I’m settled into my new living space, though! All of the information about it is here if you’re interested. :3  (— Darian)



Lil Cal’s Stable Time Loop

The other day, I realized what went wrong in Davesprite’s timeline: he used Lil Cal to prototype his sprite.

We never got a clear explanation of where the Cal in Dream Dave’s room came from, but I’m guessing that Gamzee put it there with his chucklevoodoos, similar to how he put the clown doll in Dream John’s room. That Cal from the dream room went on to become the Cal who got sliced to bits on Dave’s roof, which Davesprite used as prototyping material. The problem is that the prototyping process completely consumes the object used to prototype; in Davesprite’s timeline, Cal was stuck inside the sprite, so he was never retrieved and repaired by Bro and never fell into Gamzee’s hands, and thus never inspired Gamzee to create Cal in the first place. Calsprite wasn’t just annoying — he was temporally impossible. That time paradox was what screwed Davesprite’s timeline.




If buckets are terrifying to Trolls then why are they portrayed with humor and awkwardness in all of but one time?



Look how terrified Karkat is, he’s not embarrassed at all this is very serious.


Watch your shit, John, you’re scaring Vriska!



Flushing in shame… and fear!

Excuse me, do you know of any good Homestuck Fanventure? Since Homestuck is in Hiatus I have a lot of time to kill, and I've already read Heinoustuck (and I think it's in hiatus right now)

yep, we’ve got a masterpost of some fanventures right here!

Hi! For the ask about krazieleylines, she's at krazieleylines2 now. (Just in case you needed to know, sorry if I'm bothering you.)

Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! Unfortunately, it looks like she has deleted her rp guide series, which is kind of a bummer. But thank you very much for letting us know!! 

Karkat rp guide, part one.


I’ve never really written an in-depth post on how to roleplay a character, so let’s give this a shot! This is part one of how to roleplay Karkat, and in this post I’ll cover his personality, typing style, and the insults he uses. This will all come from the notes I’ve taken while researching his character and rereading pesterlogs. Part two will cover how he interacts with each character, currently and at different points in time. Part two probably won’t be up for a while because I’ll have to do a bit more research. This is going to be a long post, but anyway, here we go!

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I'm so grateful this blog exists. You guys have complied so much useful info in one place. One question tho - I'd really like to read the guide about Karkat (post/65787414196), but the blog it's hosted on is deactivated. Do you know if anyone has it archived? Thanks!

Hi, friend! I’m really sorry, but I haven’t been able to track down krazieleylines’s new blog. I’ll delete the guides from our archive to prevent further confusion, but I will definitely keep looking! In the meantime, I’ll reblog a few other Karkat guides for you to browse in you’re still looking!! 

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience!

Happy writing!

Can you submit prompts here?

Yes, absolutely! We would really appreciate any prompts you would like us to post!! Feel free to submit as many as you would like!