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Your name is ANONYMOUS, and you are attempting to pen a brilliant FANFICTION based on your favorite webcomic. You are, however, VERY CONFUSED, and might be in need of some HELP with a few things. Thankfully, you stumble upon a handy HS WRITING BLOG, and all of your worries abscond the fuck away.


never expose me to homestuck and fish biology







eridan doesnt even like fish puns


although i’d like a reminder as to why aradia is emotionless when dead while everyone else is their normal self

Because she was dead for a long time and gave up hope of ever living again

was she considered dead in the soul bot though?

yeah but soul bot made her emote TOO MUCH


Gamzee facts.

NOTE: About the front door it is entirely possible that it was simply already opened and it was just slightly offscreen from what part of the room (that is also Gamzee’s sleeping area) we could see. A point about his apparent lack of self preservation within his living space could still be made depending on how long you could imagine he spent futzing around with an open doorway before going out to check up on his lusus.
What we can know from this:
-Gamzee expects to be attacked right outside of his hive
-Gamzee on sopor is a decent enough fighter to be able to defend himself against other trolls

Relevant quotes/pages:
- [x]
- TC: uH, hEy YoU, dOn’T gO nEaR tHe MoThErFuCkIn OcEaN, cAuSe I aLl ToLd YoU nOt To A bUnCh Of TiMeS! ShIt Is StRaIgHt Up DaNgErOuS, aNd I’m GeTtInG mY hArSh On AbOuT iT.



Do you ever wondered why this was to large to captchalogue while this was perfectly legit:

Dad’s modus allows for bigger items in his captchalogue. I mean, in a world with such thing as an inventory is possible, would you give a 13 old kid a Sylladex that allows them to captchalogue a whole car, or things as large as The Tumor?

But adults are more responsible, so their Sylladex allow for larger things.

Jake, for example, had a card that clogged his whole Sylladex which was HUGE, remember? It all depends on what Modus it is you have installed.

Hi! I love this blog, it's helped me so much with all my fanficions :3 I have a quick question about the beta help people. Do I just go to there tumblr and leave them or a ask or is there something I do here? Because I could really use a beta reader lately!

Hi, friend! First off, thank you so much! We apologize for how sporadically inactive we’ve been lately, but we’re really glad we’ve helped in whatever way we could! And in terms of the beta readers—yep! Feel free to drop a message in the inbox of whichever beta you feel would best fit your story! Be sure to mention you found them on our list so they know where you’re coming from, though. (:

If there’s anything else we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know! Best of luck on your story, and happy writing!! 


(This has been requested, so now I’m making a TL;DR version of the Ancestor timeline with all the facts that we know of and that I can remember.

The whole thing is very long so I’m going to put a read more in there. I hope you find it helpful! :D)


  • The Condesce…

Prompt #36:

It’s Halloween on the meteor/ship, and the kids want to celebrate. Unfortunately, no one can figure out how to alchemize King Size candy bars. And the trolls? They’re mostly just confused. 


By ArchetypeWriting.com


Swing Era AU: Character A is a struggling musician who just so happens to be on the run from the law. One evening, he/she stumbles on an eclectic speakeasy filled with the oddest bunch of carefree, off-kilter characters seen on this side of the Mississippi River.


Industrial Era AU: Character A is a young reporter in the 1890’s looking for his/her first big break. Then, suddenly, he/she makes an unlikely friend in an orphaned young newsy on the run from the law. Together they take on the city and uncover a few shocking truths along the way.

based on this really cool cosplay.